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Our company has a deep-rooted history as Şimal Tarım Ürünleri, founded by Uğur ALADAĞ in 2009. In this process, by realizing the deficiencies in the sector and adopting the principle of continuous development, our company aims to take firmer steps every day.

Since our establishment, we have gained a solid place in the industry by prioritizing quality and customer satisfaction. Our aim is to provide the highest service to our customers and set standards in the industry. In this regard, we follow technological innovations and constantly strive to improve our product and service quality.

Our company aims to lead not only in trade but also in sustainability and environmental awareness in the field of agriculture. We act with the awareness of our responsibility to leave a better world to future generations.

Oats, chickpeas, flour bran, pasta bran, bulgur bran, rye, cracked wheat, beans, bonquality, imported wheat, razmol, bran, wheat, corn, barley, etc. We sell agricultural products. In this context, we sold 100 thousand tons of products in 2023.